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6 Simple Steps to Build Your Dream App

Appostrophic has automated its entire app-building process to make
it hassle-free for you. We follow six steps to develop unparalleled and highly
customized app to exactly meet your requirements:


ROI Strategy Development

As soon as you send in your request for a custom quote, our Apps Expert calls you to discuss the central idea and feasibility of your project by acquiring relevant details. This paves way for a comprehensive Brainstorming and Strategy Development process at our headquarter.


Prototype Design

Expert designers at Appostrophic work day and night to craft a
unique design, as per your requirement and specified platform.
This helps us deliver a customized prototype of your project
within the specified deadline.


Your Design Approval

Our Apps Expert gets in touch with you for feedback and
suggestions regarding the prototype. As soon as you approve the
design, we steer your app or mobile web building process on an
unimaginable speed.


Programming & Development

Our programmers and developers provide par-excellence services
to develop an eye-catching interface for your project in compliance
with the global trends of technological advancement.


QA & Testing

Your project is closely monitored and tested by our
Quality Assurance team for minute details and functionalities till
we get thoroughly convinced that we have successfully produced
something extraordinary.


Marketing & Promotion

This is the final step when your product is ready to be sent
to the digital waves for Marketing and Distribution. May it be
Windows, App Store, iTunes or Google Play, we offer worry-free
promotion of your project on all the platforms.

Our Process Demo

Want to further explore our app development process? Watch this video to get better insight into your dream app building process.

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Our Portfolio

Explore our Diversified Portfolio of Custom Apps Developed for Startup and Corporate Clients

  • Kiteboard Coach Sports https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/kiteboard-coach/id896084272?mt=8

    KiteboardCoach is a "Patent Pending" revolutionary way of shortening the long Learning curve that is often associated with Kiteboarding. It uses the latest technology in videography to create instructional videos that are clear, precise, fun to watch and feature the latest gear and equipment. It currently has over 35 instructional videos and with more being added weekly.

  • Yeswaa Social Networking https://itunes.apple.com/tc/app/yeswaa/id733503990

    Not sure where to go? Or what to eat? YesWaa on iPhone or iPad will assist you to choose what is worth it. You can use our application to search for places: to dine, drink coffee, and for travel related services.

  • Drive Safe Navigation https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/drive-safe./id702939361

    “Drive Safe” serves as a monitoring tool and aims at notifying you if your children are using cell phone while they are driving. Additionally, you will also have the accessibility to view the current speed of your child's vehicle. Your child can view his/ her current location through GPS coordinates. In order to make this app more functional both parents and children are provided with their separate interface.

  • Body Logix Health & Fitness https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bodylogix-personal-coach/id687336494?mt=8

    The Body logix Personal Coach is suitable for all fitness levels, from beginners with no experience to those who’ve spent years in the gym and are looking for a fresh, new challenge. Each day, the app will walk you through nutritious food choices and meal preparation tips. It will even generate a shopping list so stocking your fridge will be a breeze. You will also receive a customized daily plan that can be done wherever you are – at home or at the hotel – or an all-out, gym-based workout, if that’s what you’re looking for.

  • In Card Shopping https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/incard-apps/id699573034?mt=8

    An application that simplifies the process of loyalty platform, where In Card Apps create a value add-on for merchants, and privileges for members.
    You can store participate merchant's member card into the apps, and use it as an electronic member card (Cardless) to enjoy privileges. The main features of In Card include; E-registration form, Merchant catalogue, Member Cards, Member profile, In Deals, Promotions & Advertisements.

  • Flash Phrase Games

    In less than a minute, experience the thrill of creating your own phrases from scattered word tiles and then see if your friend can identify the phrases as the timer counts down.
    The quicker you can guess your friends phrases, the higher you score. If your sentence is creative and funny, post it to your Facebook Wall for others to see!

  • I Feel Good Lifestyle https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ifg-i-feel-good/id646297451?mt=8

    I Feel Good has been built to create an easy way for people to donate to a range of charities by providing them with a channel of collaboration between donors and charitable organizations.

    This app aims to help donate a million dollars to charities for the welfare of humanity and in doing so make a lot of people who are not as lucky as we are to feel good.

  • GOGO Novel Social Networking https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/gogo-novel/id615282279?mt=8

    GOGO Novel allows you to contribute in the writing of a collaborative novel. You can contribute a chapter then forward it on to friends or family so they can write the following chapters.

    If you've ever wanted to start novel but didn't know how then GOGO Novel is the BEST app for you. No writing skills are required and your administrator is there to help. It's not just writing, It's Social Writing...At Its Best.

  • The Weather Outside Weather

    The Weather Outside is a feature rich free iPad app that packs the best features of the website into this app. The key feature of this app is the ability to view the weather for various cities at a glance. Users can also watch weather videos right through the app. The most popular feature of this app is the ability to alert users of severe weather conditions. The app can also be updated to include real-time weather images.

  • Looksie Trivia Game https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appostrophic.looksie&hl=en

    Looksie is a fully customizable and interactive scavenger hunt experience. The ability to create and join in a public hunt gives the opportunity to find friends with common interests. Looksie can be used in the classroom with teachers assigning private hunts to their students or a group of friends looking to take their night out to a more interactive level. Looksie also allows the hunt creators to reward the contributors to their hunts with customizable reward system.

  • Poice Photography https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appostrophic.poice

    Poice is a simple intuitive app that helps you add voice to your photos. By adding voice, a user is able to enhance the experience, feel and tone of their pictures. Moreover through Poice, you can add filters to your photos to enhance their brightness or give them a vintage look.

  • Squirrel Your Stuff Productivity https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appostrophic.squirrel

    Squirrel your stuff is a FREE app that helps you remember the stuff that you’ve stored around in the house. People tend to forget where they’ve stored their stuff. Through Squirrel Your Stuff, people can take a picture of the thing they’re storing with the location, and the app will then remember the location, when the user asks for the thing next time.

  • Magic App Hider Productivity https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.magicapphiders

    Magic App Hider is an amazing app that lets you lock and hide your applications and personal folders. With many personal pictures and videos nowadays, it is important to have central security system that will limit the access of your phone to other people. This feature-rich app gives you complete control over your phone’s privacy.

  • In Card Shopping https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=my.incard

    An application that simplifies the process of loyalty platform, where In Card Apps create a value add-on for merchants, and privileges for members.
    You can store participate merchant's member card into the apps, and use it as an electronic member card (Cardless) to enjoy privileges. The main features of In Card include; E-registration form, Merchant catalogue, Member Cards, Member profile, In Deals, Promotions & Advertisements.

  • Hush Hush! Don't Speak! Entertainment https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appostrophic.hushhushdontspeak&hl=en

    Hush Hush! Don’t Speak is a fun-filled app made for mischievous and easygoing individuals. With this application, you & your friends can easily record unlimited fun sentences & replay an even funnier modified sentence in the speaker’s voice. The Hush Hush! fun starts when you secretly modify the recorded sentences into a negative one or vice versa & tease your friends by spreading humor through the modified recordings.

  • Pictozzle Game https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appostrophic.pictozzle&hl=en

    Pictozzle is a colorful & fun game which splits your favorite picture into 16 equal pieces and scramble them like a puzzle. Now the challenge is to complete the picture by utilizing the available number of tries. You can also select picture from you photo gallery or camera. Think you are too cool to beat your friends? Pictozzle your images and top the High Score charts.

    Pictozzle is completely ad-free.

  • Swop Mania Game https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appostrophic.swopmania

    Create a fun mix or characters by spinning their upper, middle and lower bodies. Welcome to the exciting circus of Swop Mania!

    Here you will find a bunch of crazy characters to create a fun mix with. All you have to do is spin their upper, middle and lower bodies & Voila! A new amusing character is formed.

  • HiFi Radio Music & Audio

    Listen to the world!

    HiFi Radio is a free way to listen to music, sports and news from every corner of the earth, with over 70,000 radio stations and 2 million on-demand programs. With HiFi Radio, you can; Search for a song, artist or show, Pause and rewind any stream, Add stations, songs, and shows to your presets

  • Meet Me Social Networking

    Join the largest location based social network for meeting people in the world!

    Meet Me is a social network where you can meet new people. With over 150 million users, Meet Me is great for chatting, making friends, sharing interests, and even dating! It's free and easy to use. Find new people near you now!

  • Wimbledon Wave Sports

    Follow all the action LIVE during the fortnight with the official Wimbledon Wave app.

    The All England Lawn Tennis Club (Championships) Limited presents the official Android apps for Wimbledon Wave. The Championships run from 25th June to 8th July 2012. The key features include LIVE scores, schedule of play demand video previews, highlights, features, interviews and golden moments' photos.

  • In the News News

    Get In The News best content, enhanced by your friends. Discover original reporting in real-time, follow what your friends are reading (and what they're saying about what they're reading) and stake your own claim in our Facebook community. From fantastic photos and exclusive video features to breaking news and analysis, you'll have a whole new way to explore content that's relevant to you.

  • Chatter Box Utilities

    Chatter Box Open Call concept, lets you to talk face-to-face with anyone on the Web through the all-new Web and Facebook Applications. To fulfill the vision of open and free communications, Chatter Box offers free, 12-way video chat across all platforms.

  • PicShop Photos & Video

    Every picture tells a story. With PicShop Facebook app you can capture these stories into beautiful photobooks. Next to the photos you've selected, we complete the story by automatically adding all of your friends' comments to the book. This completes your stories!

  • Fashion Fiesta Lifestyle

    Fashion Fiesta helps you save & share your greatest fashion finds from all over the web. With the special Love button, users can save their fashion favorites from nearly every online store in one convenient place. Their personal Fashion Fiesta profiles can become the ultimate wish list of items that they love, want or get inspired from.

  • Music Must Music

    Music Must is a fun resource that lets people explore, collect, and share music videos from around the world (more than 600,000 Artist listings in more than a 100 categories, organized by genres and countries, giving you instant access to millions of videos in playlists format). Get the Music Must App and create your own music video library with unlimited playlists.

  • Space Race Game

    Space Race is a thrilling and exciting game designed for energetic and adventurous individuals. All you need to do is to drive your spacecraft at the highest speed and counter your enemies, who will put all their efforts to stop you. Break apart the meteoroids and planets that come your way with the deadly laser cannons. Make sure you do not stop or else you will lose the scores.

    So are you ready for the space adventure?

  • Baby and Mom Family

    Baby and Mom is a fun filled app especially for new mothers who love babysitting. You are required to fulfill various needs of your baby including feeding, cleanliness and changing clothes. You can feed your baby with barley cereal, barley dessert or fruit cereal. Clean your baby with a variety of baby soaps which will keep his or her body soft. Moreover, you can change his or her diaper using multiple brands. Once your baby’s needs are fulfilled and s/he is happy, put him/ her to sleep and earn the bonus.

  • Texas Pool Game

    Texas Pool is a feature rich yet simple to play snooker game. Its high definition graphics and sound effects make it a realistic game and get the users glued to it for long hours. The addictive game comprises of many features including 8 ball and 9 ball pool, single/ multi-player mode, touch control for moving the ball, 150+ levels and much more.

    Texas Pool’s user friendly interface and quick loading time makes it a must-play game in your leisure time.

  • Wheel Chair Adventure https://itunes.apple.com/nl/app/wheelchair-murder/id591642505?l=en&mt=8

    You need to save the citizens of Diddletown from Grandpa Bing’s runaway wheelchair. An exciting and fun game where you must remove obstacles safely from the path of Grandpa Bing to gain points by dragging or swiping obstacles away. Help Grandpa reach the casino in his over charged wheel chair by clearing all levels such that nobody gets hurt.

  • Pizza Slicer Arcade & Action https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appostrophic.pizzaslicer

    Time to chop a bunch of yummy pizzas off! Just use your finger tips to slice them off into halves, quarters and mini pizzas. Now comes the twist! Don't let the pizzas drop away without getting sliced or you will miss a chance. Also you cannot slice the plastic ketchup bottle that might pop-up in the middle to give you a surprise!

  • Sling Ball Zombie Action Games https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/slingball-zombie-run/id619174062?mt=8

    There’s been a viral outbreak in the city of epic proportion. Now the city is infested with zombie-like creatures.The president himself has given the order to nuke the city in the hope of containing the virus and destroying the zombie-like creatures.There are still those within the city who have not succumbed to the virus and remain every bit human - but they are running out of time. Those who are left must make a mercy dash through the city in an attempt to outrun the zombie-like creatures and avoid being bitten by them.

  • Racing Madness Car Racing

    Racing Madness puts you behind the wheel of customizable racing cars to compete in actionpacked tracks and win trophies. Race against your friends, challenge people around the world, race against the clock, drift like crazy, upgrade your car, tweak the appearance of your ride with tons of cool visuals and show it off to the world!

  • Cydo Puzzle

    Welcome to the world of Cydo, where you battle bandits who try to prevent you from getting coins on beautifully designed terrains. As a hero, you are required to gather all the money across the different states in the USA. The user has to avoid the bandits while maneuvering the maze to gather all the coins on the screen within a given time.

  • Sweetness Puzzle

    Sweetness is an addictive game that you can play for hours without getting worn out. Simple yet challenging, Sweetness offers more than 500 levels with variable difficulty levels! Switch and match at least three same juicy and delicious fruits and complete your target with minimum moves. Once the given target is completed, you jump to the next exciting level.
    So are you ready for the sweet puzzle adventure?

  • Richer Trivia

    Richer is an interesting quiz app containing more than one thousand multiple choice questions. Be ready to answer mind-boggling questions pertaining to diverse topics including Arts, Science, Mathematics, Philosophy, Psychology, etc.
    Try to answer correctly as many questions as you can and get 'richer' by earning points. But beware: With an incorrect answer you will lose your points due to negative marking.

  • Fashionist Family

    Fashionist is a fantastic iPad game for kids and girls. This glamorous app lets you dress up and make over your model and give it a versatile look. All you have to do is to select a model from the list, dress her up by picking from hundreds of colorful and stylish dresses in the wardrobe and select the matching shoes, jewelry and bags. That’s it! Your model is ready with the most stunning looks. The quicker you make her ready, the more points you score.

  • Trade in Town eCommerce
  • Finance Advisor Finance
  • Explore ant Travel
  • Sports in the City Sports
  • Sweet Saucer Food & Beverages
  • Photo Pool Photography
  • Jane Luther University Education
  • Music Box Entertainment
* For orders above $ 40,000

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